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“Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing a client’s eyes light up when they see what I produce for them. When I edit your video, I want to make you say: ‘Wow; that was amazing!’ ‘Wow; how’d you do that?!'


That’s how I know I’ve done you right.”

Louie Benson started his passion for video work at the age of 12, making movies in his backyard with his friends. The movies slowly became more intricate, as in-camera editing was traded for editing on a computer, eventually going to the Cape Girardeau Career and Technology Center Digital Media class to get officially trained on how to do everything he needed to do to make better movies with his friends.


That passion turned into a career as Louie realized how much he enjoyed putting finishing touches on a project, volunteering to help with more and more projects for the class. This led to Louie getting paid to do what he enjoyed doing, producing video.


Louie has worked on videos of all scales, producing music videos for local bands, editing movie trailers, to full scale documentary editing, being the finishing editor for the international-level pro wrestling documentary “Seven Levels of Hate”, which was reviewed by several wrestling magazines, websites, and publications, including PWTorch (one of the world’s biggest wrestling websites) saying, “the overall production values are fantastic considering that [Adam] Pearce put this together without the help from a major production company.” with other publications calling it “WWE-level” and “one of the best wrestling documentaries in a long time.”


Perhaps the biggest honor of Louie’s life, was being chosen to move to Atlanta to work on the documentary “The Resurrection of Jake the Snake”, chronicling the rehab and rise of former wrestling headliners Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Scott Hall from alcohol addiction, drug abuse, and poor health. The movie is one of the highest rated documentaries on Netflix and made it on the long list of Oscar contenders at the 2016 Academy Awards.


Other awards include “Best Editing” in the 2007 St Louis 48 Hour Film Festival for the horror short “CHKUR FRND”.

Aside from video editing, Louie runs a live stream on Twitch that he uses to raise money for the St Louis Children’s Hospital through the Extra Life Charity.