sandRa croyle.


“Being passionate about what you do is great. But hard work and reciprocal relationships with others is the real key to success.”

There are two things Sandra Croyle knows well: how businesses work, and what businesses need.  

Sandra has been a Board of Directors member with a major mental health non-for-profit. She's co-owner in Coldchain Technology Services, an international company that offers comprehensive solutions for healthcare supply chain management. She is sole owner of Dasan Photography, LLC, a company that specializes in commercial/corporate photography, and is also President and Owner of Ipseity Creative. With an extensive background in making businesses work, Sandra has the knowledge and expertise needed to help your business thrive--no matter its current size.

Holding degrees in both Nursing and Psychology, and with many years as an educator, Sandra's approach to understanding business is uniquely effective. Sandra is able to offer creative business solutions that focus on sustainable performance for both individuals and organizations. Her ability to apply the science of human behavior to real-world work experience is an asset to any team project.


Offered below are a few examples of Sandra's commercial photography.

Office: 573.803.2875
Cell: 573.579.7763